February 14, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Hootz - Special Entertainment Engagement

The Hootz, are a Punk-Country Party-Rock Band stationed out of Nashville, TN. With husband & wife duo, Luke & Ange Marino sharing vocals, & playing guitar & bass guitar, there is something so pure about their humorous tongue & cheek lyrics & harmonious music. Their high energy performance creates an original & enthusiastic sound. The name, THE HOOTZ, clearly reflects their redneck, hoe-down, knee-slapping, good-time, & hootenanny style music. While they classify their music as being of the Alt Country Rock genre; their punk-rock, party band, parody-style humor, & back country roots help separate them from the traditional classic country music. The Hootz live performances have been accredited as “more fun than a barrel full of hillbillies” & “Country with a Twist & SHOCK!!!”